Ja'nets Butterfly  Kisses

Lash extensions can  give you many looks.: 
Voluminous Lashes" thick and full effect

“Cat Eye” effec​t , longer lashes on the corners. especially good with almond shaped eyes.
"The Mascara Look” Natural extra length with slightly thicker looking lashes
​“Dramatic Look” Longer and extra thick lashes with dramatic shape designs
“Wider Eye Effect” longer in the center shorter on the sides. for a doe shape eye.
​​“Highlighted Effect” :multi colors enhancing eye color.
​ There are endless possibilities !

Our Clients are Beautiful inside and out from all walks of life, Physicians, Designers, Models, Entertainers , House wives , High Power Executives just to mention a few, They honor us from all over the world. 
We are very proud of our clientele.

And very proud of the work we do for them. Eyelash extensions are our most popular Service. As you will see.