Ja'nets Butterfly  Kisses

 The Designs You May Receive 

​​'Natural look'
slight enhancement of your look
​"Voluminous Lashes" thick and full effect

“Cat Eye” effec​t , longer lashes on the corners. especially good with almond shaped eyes.
"The Mascara Look” Natural extra length with slightly thicker looking lashes
​“Dramatic Look” Longer and extra thick lashes with dramatic shape designs
“Wider Eye Effect” longer in the center shorter on the sides. for a doe shape eye.
​​“Highlighted Effect” :multi colors enhancing eye color.
​ There are endless possibilities !

 Eyelash extensions is a very popular Service. This is also a very personal service it is important that your lash stylist has been trained properly in hygiene and design placement for the health of your lashes ,lids & eyes. Xtreme Lash training is the top educators in the nation run by a licensed register nurse. So I am proud to have trained for 12 years with them and am Advanced Certified in latest technics ............................................Ja'net